pay & rewards

Generous Holidays Our people work hard to deliver the best service – and we’re the first to acknowledge their efforts and results. Which is why we provide a minimum of four weeks’ and two days’ holiday for our full time employees. We’re also keen to reward loyalty, so the longer you work at DFS, the more holidays you get. That’s just another example of how we commit to the wellbeing of our people. Super Staff Discounts The DFS range of furniture continues to become ever more beautiful and imaginative – and now includes exclusive ranges such as Country Living, House Beautiful and French Connection. The entire range of great DFS sofas and accessories are available to you and your immediate family at very generous staff discounts – and that even includes discounts on our sale and promotional prices. So working with DFS can give you a rewarding work experience – and a comfortable day, every day, when you get home. £500+ Introduction/Referral Incentive scheme We trust our people to help us build our business. In fact, we positively encourage our employees to recommend people who they think might have what it takes to work with DFS. And we’ll reward you for doing that, of course! So if you recommend a Sales person who then joins us, you’ll earn up to £1,000 for each person successfully recruited. Recommend a Service Upholsterer who is recruited and you’ll earn up to £500. It’s another way of how we want us all to build success, together. Childcare Voucher Scheme (worth up to £900) Many people work at DFS simply because they want to look after their families in the best way possible. And though our working hours can be as long as any other retailer, we understand that family responsibilities are important. So we look to help through our childcare voucher scheme – which enables you to save up to £900 per year in tax and national insurance contributions. Free Critical Illness Cover Your health and wellbeing are vitally important to us – and this scheme helps provide financial support should you be diagnosed with a critical illness. It’s another demonstration of the way we’re dedicated to you and those people who rely on you – and how we do everything we can to help make your future secure and comfortable. Money-saving Cycle to Work Scheme We want to be as ‘green’ as we can – and we’re helping to save our natural resources, as well as save you money. As part of that, we’re delighted to participate in the government-backed Cycle to Work Scheme – which offers generous tax and insurance savings on the cost of a new bike, if you use it to travel to work here at DFS! DFS Qualifications Everyone who works with us can gain a valuable qualification, whatever their role at DFS. We’re particularly proud of our training – and we make sure that qualifications are available for every job within the company, from Driver to Salesperson and beyond. So you can achieve a Nationally Recognised Qualification (an NVQ) simply by doing a great job – in a company that’s widely recognised for its retail industry-leading training. Wide-ranging Lifestyle Benefits A great range of special ‘Lifestyle’ discounts are available to all DFS employees. Every day you can access the Lifestyle website and enjoy hundreds of fantastic savings on everything from most major high street retailers to buying your annual holiday - and much more. This means you’ll enjoy a wide variety of valuable savings - and get to make the most of your salary. Company Pension Scheme We want our people to prosper with us, for as long as possible. In fact, we want the people who work with us to enjoy a comfortable retirement. To help you plan for a secure future, everyone has the chance to join our Group Pension Scheme, which benefits from valuable contributions made by DFS. Free Life Assurance We take our responsibility as your employer very seriously – and we provide Life Assurance of at least three times your annual salary to you, free of charge. So you can be assured that you are looking after your loved ones in the best way possible.