Tim Stacey - Chief Executive Officer

"One of the great things about DFS is the variety of roles available, career opportunities are across the group now (Dwell, Sofology, Sofaworkshop & International)."

DFS chief executive Tim Stacey says “I am very passionate about developing leadership potential. If people are engaged, they will get results.” He is very proud that DFS was voted one of the top 25 best big companies to work for in the UK by The Sunday Times, based on feedback from employees

Tim says DFS has three simple values, which link back to its founding ideals:

  • Think customer. That means treating everyone as if they were a friend or a close family member. “In the end our business is built on customer recommendations”
  • Be real. That means engaging with people, including colleagues, in a genuine manner. “DFS’ roots are in Yorkshire and being straightforward is important to us”
  • Aim high. “We are ambitious and innovative. Our founder, Lord Kirkham, was the first person to offer interest free credit. We have our own design studio, which means we can be really responsive to the latest trends and design sofas to suit our customers’ changing needs. It is important that we understand our DNA and what has made us successful,”

Chief Executive Officer Tim Stacey